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When a person suffers an injury, there are numerous issues to deal with.  Some of these issues may affect the injured person for life.  However, we help injured and disabled people and their families understand their options and prepare for the rest of their lives.  When an injured party files a lawsuit, one assumption is that the receipt of funds is the end of the battle.  

Unfortunately, many people learn only after it is too late that planning should have been initiated long before a settlement or verdict is reached.  That’s where we come in.  We work with families and attorneys who are already in the process of resolving an injury claim to avoid making mistakes when money is received and designing a plan to maximize the efforts of the parties involved in litigation so that the injured party can enhance any recovery to its fullest extent.

Plaintiffs and families:  It’s all about you.  You have suffered an injury that will change your life.  You may be compensated for your injuries.  You have one shot at getting this right and you are at the “goal line” when you are about to receive your recovery.  Now is the time you need to consult with knowledgeable settlement planning attorneys.  

You will hopefully only go through an experience like this once in your life.  However, we have assisted families many times so that we can use our experience to provide you with the best possible outcome in your case and enhance the life of a person who may never be able to work again and who may need regular assistance with even simple daily tasks.  We want you to be aware of all of your options before you decide how to settle your case.  We are available for a free evaluation of your situation to determine your options.​

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