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A Class Action lawsuit involves many similarly situated plaintiffs who have been injured by a common problem. Since these cases can involve hundreds or thousands of plaintiffs, rarely does a plaintiff have a “one on one” relationship with her attorney in the traditional sense. We represent individual plaintiffs of class action lawsuits to help them identify how receiving their settlement will affect their lives and options to plan for the future, including how to receive the funds. Plaintiffs in a class action are provided with significant amounts of documentation in order to settle their portion of the case, with much of the language in “legalese” that can be confusing. When you settle your portion of the claim, you will be asked to make choices that have important deadlines, which become set in stone once the case closes. We can explain the options and discuss them with you and the law firm(s) involved in handling the class action suit so that your portion will be designed to enhance your personal situation rather than just being a number in a large class action lawsuit.

Class Actions